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Are Solar Panels Worth the Investment?

Investing in solar panels can save you hundreds of dollars a year on your utility bills.

Solar power is fed into the home as it’s generated, meaning  less electricity is imported from the grid. If you manage to produce more than you use, you can be compensated by your electricity company for each kWh returned to the grid. Alternatively, with solar storage batteries, you can reserve unused energy to utilise in the evening. 

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Save money on your electricity bills

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Choosing the Right Solar Panels

To determine which solar panel system is the best fit, you will need to consider how much you are willing to invest, how high your energy consumption is, the amount of space you have and how much direct sunlight your home is exposed to.

For most people, monocrystalline solar panels attached to the roof and connected to a central inverter seems to do the trick, but there are several other options you can discuss with our experts at Battery Stop before making a final decision.

Optimise how you harvest the rays

Solar Panels For Sale Coolaroo

Looking to go green with your power supply? We can help!

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